Signet Technologies is a southeastern Michigan Systems Integrator and Internet Service Provider.

We focus on the demanding requirements of business to business applications and dedicated Internet connections.

  • Network: Design,Implementation,Support
  • Systems Integration
  • Virtual Domain hosting
  • E-mail & Mailing Lists
  • All the functions that businesses demand.

This coupled with our guaranteed up-time and fault tolerant architecture ensure high availability access.

Our goal is to give the corporate community, as well as the demanding "power user", the availability of high performance, fault tolerant networking solutions with optimal security in mind.

The folks at Signet Technologies are ready and willing to provide all your networking and Internet connectivity needs.

Where we differ from most ISPs in that we understand the "mission critical" environment and have built our infrastructure to support such an environment for our corporate connection customers, and the demanding "power user".

We think you'll appreciate the added power of our network design and performance with optimal security in mind to the point where the answer to you next question is obvious.

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