OLE is dedicated to providing reliable, high performance Internet connectivity to Corporations and the most demanding end users!
Our dial-on-demand connection rates are:
Service Type Hours Included Service Area Monthly Set-Up Charge for Additional Hours
56K Analog 150* National $15.00 $25.00 N/A
64K ISDN 150* National $15.00 $25.00 N/A
128K ISDN 150* National $30.00 $25.00 N/A

* Includes one email account
With Inactivity Timeout

Analog (up to 56K - v.90/Flex)
-- Prepay 12 months, get 3 months free --

Email and Email Add-ons:
Service Type Monthly Set-Up
Email (5MB Disk Space Provided) $5.00 $15.00
Spam Filtering $2.50 $15.00
Web Mail $2.50 N/A


Our dedicated connection rates are:
Package Description Monthly Setup
I1  56/64Kb  $90.00  $195.00 
I2  112/128Kb  $180.00  $295.00 
T1  Leased 1.55Mbs  Quote  Quote 
FT1  Leased 64K-1.55Mbs  Quote  Quote 

Features include: 
- 24/7 InterNet Access 
- Local Access Phone Number for ISDN 
- Primary/Secondary Domain Name Services 
- Leasing available for Customer Premises Equipment 
- IP address sub-netting to meet your connectivity and LAN needs 

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* Subject to change.