Customers are the reason we are in business. We are here to provide you with the highest quality services that our industry can provide. Our goal is to continuously improve our services by actively soliciting feedback from you, our customers. The services that we provide are monitored full time so that we are able to ensure high-availability, fault-tolerance and high performance 100% of the time.
Service Level Policies

What we monitor

    Email usage/throughput -

    How we monitor -

    Analysis program runs end of each month.

    Shows who received, # of messages, total bytes.

    Can be enhanced to isolate domains, individual users, etc.

    Web site usage/throughput -

    How we monitor -

    Daily/per month - www-stats does individual domain web site statistics.

    Custom program analyzes total throughput per domain on a per megabyte basis.

    Connectivity usage -

    RADIUS accounting. Provides information about duration and type of dial-up accounts.

    Dedicated Links. Detailed charts are automatically prepared at the 5 Minute, Daily, Weekly and Monthly level depending upon need.

How we analyze the need to build infrastructure -

    what to consider -

    when service reaches:

    50% utilization, if quickly growing service.

    60% utilization, if moderately growing service.

    75% utilization, if slowly growing service.

What to do -

    Capacity Planning Team meets to prepare action plan for additional infrastructure and to evaluate the most appropriate technology available to handle the growing need.

    Technology research directed toward current and projected trends to minimize the continuing need to re-evaluate.

    As trends become more predictable, we have the ability to plan more efficiently.

When to order/purchase -

    If quickly growing service, purchase at 65% level of utilization.

    If moderately growing service, purchase at 75% level of utilization.

    If slowly growing service, purchase at 85% level of utilization.

Billing Policies

All of OLE's services are billed in advance, net 30, except for usage fees, which are billed in arrears.